Oktoberfest Dinner!

Oktoberfest is a tradition that began in Germany over 200 years ago, with a massive Royal Wedding celebration. It has turned into an annual event that is celebrated worldwide! Read more here: https://time.com/4944930/what-is-oktoberfest/#:~:text=Oktoberfest%20is%20the%20world’s%20largest,as%20amusement%20rides%20and%20activities.

Oktoberfest is becoming a fun, annual tradition here at Wood Glen Hall, too! We dine on bratwurst, sauerkraut, and German potato salad (which is slightly sweet, and served hot). During dinner, lively polkas fill the air! The room is adorned in decorations of blue and white, the colors of Bavaria.

We can’t wait for next October…or even September, as that is when it is traditionally celebrated!

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